Through the Eyes of a Child.


How often do you listen to the voice of children?  Do you ask them how their day was at school?  How did they sleep?  How their visit was at a relative's home?  What they think about things they watch on television? As parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, and other authoritative adults, how often do we tell them what we want them to do and what we think?  Are we missing opportunities to create healthier youth -mentally- by granting them time to express their perception? This page has been established for that purpose. Hopefully it will help us to start more dialogue with our youth in an effort to better connect with our youth.   The host of this blog will be my two grandsons, Professor C.J. and Antonio.  They are fourth graders and second graders filled with life's experiences beyond their years.  Hopefully you will find their posting beneficial.

Their initial interview is listed here.  Future thoughts will be posted on the blog spot,

Question 1:  Why do you want to post your thoughts so everyone can read them?

Answer:  Professor C.J.   "So they can know what some children really feel in their head."

                Antonio.  "So people will know that kids think differently than grown-ups."

Question 2:  Who do you want to send a message to most?

                 Professor C.J.  -  "Grown-ups."

                 Antonio.      "Moms and Dads."

Question 3:  If you can tell them one thing right now, what would you say.

                Professor C.J.   "Listen to what a child has to say because children are feeling a lot of                                             emotions."

                Antonio.            "Listen to your children because they might say something that 

                                           might teach you something.

Question 4:   How do you feel when no one listens to you?

                Professor C.J.  "I feel kinda of upset.  Sometimes I just want to say something and

                                          get it out.  But if no one will listen, the problem may never be                                                         solved."

                Antonio,          "I feel sad because it's not fair that the grown-ups don't listen to the 

                                          children, but they listen to other adults." 

Question 5:   In what ways will it help you when adults listen to you?

                Professor C.J.   "It helps me to feel better and get through the process."

                Antonio.           "It will make me feel proud of myself that I finally get the grown-ups

                                           to listen to me."