Priscilla, a community advocate, received her Masters of Management and Leadership in 2009.  She is a, previous N.C. Guardian ad Litem, Federal Women Program Manager, Union Steward for AFGE Local 446, and Military Family Support Group Leader.   Priscilla loves to empower people!

    Priscilla Robinson Ndiaye, MSML

I grew up in public housing.  A child whom encountered emotional hijacking through life's adversities, I attempted to commit suicide at a very young age.  I later became a single mother of two sons - one a challenging child.  I knew my work was cut out for me.  I also knew I had to deal with my own life's adversities before I could teach a child how to deal with his. I strongly believe my challenging child was a blessing and training guide for the woman whom I have grown to become.  I give God all the glory!

In spite of all adversities, I have had the privilege to travel outside the boundaries of my birth place Asheville, NC.   Living in Hawaii, California, Washington State, and visiting Senegal, West Africa enhanced my mindset and developed me personally and professionally.  I encountered a broader and more diverse life experience.  In 1990 I served as a Military Family Support Group Leader.  In 1995, I started a parent support group, POWER! Parents of Wounded but Encouraged Risers; and I was sworn in as a North Carolina Guardian ad Litem advocating for children in Department of Social Work custody.  In 2007, I published A Mother's Cry: He's Still My Child.  In 2008, I started a research project referencing the impact of urban renewal.  In 2009, I graduated with my Masters of  Science in Management and Leadership.  In 2010, I presented Remove the Masks - a purging of life's adversities - which can hold one in mental bondage and Assessing Life's Journey.  In 2011, I started serving as Chair of the Southside Community Advisory Board.  In 2012, I launched People Empowering People - extending outreach from personal to professional focusing on diversity and inclusion. Continuously, boundaries are crossed, connections made, and barriers broken down - promoting unity and empowerment.

Shawntae, as identified in my book, A Mother's Cry: He's Still My Child, 

is one example of how a life can turn around - by choice -with support, encouragement, empowerment, and through someone whom never gives up.  My accepted responsibility, as a mother, led me down an awesome road of acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities.   In order to gain a fuller understanding, I encourage you to read the book.  To learn about Shawntae's current status visit:

I invite you to share your stories of empowerment to encourage and inspire.  I welcome you to use this site as a way to be empowered, leave comments or ask questions.  Consider connecting with our online family.   In other words - "Put some PEP in your step!"

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