A Mother's Cry: He's Still My Child
by Priscilla Robinson Ndiaye

In A Mother's Cry — He's Still My Child, you will enter the world of:

Child vs. Parent — Realize how important it is to establish a nurturing and loving relationship, which is the main ingredient of a strong foundation in parental responsibility.

Society vs. Parent — Be exposed to the challenges a parent incurs within the schools, juvenile court systems, and even from family. Learn how to get results.

Parent vs. Self — Feel emotions of hurt, anger, disbelief, stress, determination, courage, and satisfaction! Find your point of getting over denial and letting go of guilt, while working toward balance, in the midst of A Mother's Cry — He's Still My Child.

'This book is your constant reminder that as a child begins to challenge you, he or she is still your child. As responsible parents, we should commit to learning how to pray and never give up on them. However, we must know when to let go and let God."  Sharon Willis

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